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The Best Price is Not Always the Best Deal
If you're like most of us and trying to get the most for your hard-earned money, a few simple guidelines can help keep you from losing out completely.  Educate yourself and think twice before you buy from an Unauthorized Dealer!
Pro Audio Center is an "Authorized Dealer" for all of the products that we offer and we are committed to giving you the quality and service that you should expect from a top-notch merchant.
Why You Should Buy from Authorized Dealers
Authorized Dealers are carefully and individually selected
Authorized Dealers have extensive knowledge of their product lines
Authorized Dealers provide the technical expertise needed for selecting and integrating an installation that best suits your needs
Authorized Dealers provide full factory warranties on all applicable products
Authorized Dealers are backed by factory tech-support groups
Authorized Dealers guarantee that you are not buying damaged, defective, or stolen products
Manufacturers say that products should be purchased from Authorized Dealers ONLY.   For example:
"All purchases of Clarion® products, including those made over the Internet, from Non-Authorized Dealers will NOT come with full factory warranties."
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"When you buy from an Authorized KICKER Dealer you can be confident that your components are genuine first-quality KICKER products, not counterfeits or products that don't meet our rigid performance standards. Only products sold through Authorized KICKER Dealers carry the appropriate extended KICKER limited warranties against failures due to materials or workmanship."
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Authorized Dealer policies serve for the protection of consumers so that you get the quality, service and support you deserve with the purchase of your car audio products.  When in doubt if a Dealer is really Authorized, contact the manufacturer to be sure.
Some Notes About Unauthorized Dealers
Most mobile electronics manufacturers do NOT authorize any of their dealers to sell new products on such auction services as eBay®.  Accordingly, they do not offer their manufacturer's warranty or rebates for products purchased from any sellers on eBay®.  All Authorized Dealers are required by contract to maintain the same minimum advertised pricing on the Internet and elsewhere.
Unauthorized Dealers on the Internet may sell products acquired through illegal methods or through questionable business practices. These goods may be damaged, defective, used, or refurbished. Every year consumers lose billions at the hands of fraudulent dealers either offering products they don't have or selling knock-offs.
These Unauthorized Dealers may not offer any after-sale support or service. Also, some of these Dealers engage in fraudulent practices to avoid responsibility for after-sale problems.
Some Situations to Be Aware Of:
On Demand, In Stock - Unauthorized Dealers often do not carry stock, regardless of advertising claims.
Delivery on Advertised Price - Unauthorized Dealers often lure you with low prices only to disappoint you when the advertised product is "out of stock at the moment".
Content of Advertisements (Bait and Switch) - Unauthorized Dealers may advertise major brands to lure you, then swap you to something else.
Business Instability - Unauthorized Dealers may not be in business long enough to deliver your order.
Get the most for your money - buy Mobile Electronics from an Authorized Dealer...
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